What People are Saying:

“Flying Lessons For Butterflies is just what it claims to be: an excellent guide book for those women who want to reclaim and redirect their lives. Too often women confuse politeness with submissiveness, and become self destructive. They give up their lives by becoming the good girl who tries to please everyone by doing what parents, spouse and everyone else wants, and worst of all they internalize their anger. They forget how to say no to the world and yes to themselves and the things they feel good doing.  Thus setting themselves up for psychological and physical abuse and disease, because their bodies and lives become vulnerable due to the stress they are experiencing.”

-Bernie Siegel, MD, Author of Love, Medicine & Miracles and most recently Help Me To Heal and 365 Prescriptions For The Soul

“The effects of childhood abuse often last a lifetime, causing untold recurrent pain and suffering in the survivor of the abuse. The legacy of abuse can be overcome with professional help and personal courage. Recovery is often made more difficult by the lack of a clear process and guidance on how to start the healing journey. Sheila’s work has given survivors of abuse a clear, step-by-step plan for starting and completing the road to a more peaceful and healthy life.”

-Mark S. Albini, M.D., Chairman ObGyn, St. Mary’s Hospital, Waterbury, CT

“Sheila Whitman understands the long lasting effects of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Flying Lessons for Butterflies gives battered women a healthy way to challenge their old beliefs and the tools to redirect their lives. This book will be a helpful resource for all survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.”

~Peggy Panagrossi Executive Director, Safe Haven of Greater Waterbury CT

“This self-help book is so affirming for people struggling with a variety of cocoon-binding issues, giving them guidance for the difficult process of emergence to a freer life. It can be used by individuals, or by groups of people working on similar issues, and also can be valuable to professionals, especially midwives, who work with women during a very formative life period.”

-Sharon Schindler Rising, CNM. Associate Clinical Professor, Yale School of Nursing, Executive Director, Centering Pregnancy and Parenting Association

“Sheila Whitman is a rare combination of sensitive, direct, caring, and effortlessly insightful. She doesn’t require a five-chapter novel to uncover the key points within the lives of her clients, and pinpoint the details required for personal breakthrough, lasting growth, and transformation. Quick on her feet, she is gentle and kind in her process, keen, and remarkably perceptive in her observations. Above all, Sheila is a loving and hugely supportive coach who accomplishes in a matter of months what others would take years to achieve.”

-Darius Gottlieb. Professional cellist, writer, and photographer. Los Angeles, CA