lessons-for-butterfliesFlying Lessons For Butterflies: How to free yourself from the effects of past abuse

Endorsed by Bernie Siegel, M.D.

“Flying Lessons For Butterflies is just what it claims to be: an excellent guide book for those women who want to reclaim and redirect their lives.” Bernie Siegel, MD Author of Love, Medicine & Miracles

Emotional abuse of children is a concern that reaches far beyond the isolated world of its young victims. It stretches forward in time to color their future sucess as friends, parents, and creative people.

This book is an instructional, supportive, and action oriented manual, that contains a series of lessons about freeing oneself from the effects of abuse. It includes pages of questions, checklists, and exercises designed to facilitate self-understanding. This book addresses current problems and behaviors that may be effected by past abuse, with an emphasis on what can be done to develop a healthy integration of mind, body, relationships, and fulfillment.

These lessons invite the reader to challenge old beliefs, and make concrete changes in self-esteem, personal safety, and creative risk taking. Strategies for creating success include:

Exercises that clarify the early roots of barriers faced by many survivors
Methods for dealing with everyday concerns to increase personal happiness
Tools for understanding distorted perceptions that may blind a person to possibilities

Education about assertiveness, courage, and setting personal boundaries
Exploration of options for a life that is personally designed by the individual
Creation of time and space to nurture individual abilities and dreams.

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soulembersSOUL EMBERS: Embracing the sparks of life 


Poems by Sheila Whitman

Tales of love, angst, terror, and creative quest, that celebrate the fire within each of us.

For every individual, there are themes that elicit interest and passion. These poems articulate a resonance with the experiences of others, and a personal search for connection and expression.

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