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It’s a great time for a fresh start, for doing something for your own self-development. Perhaps this means taking a serious step forward into a new approach to your life: a series of Life Coaching sessions can help you discover and implement values and dreams that have been overshadowed.

There may be relationship issues that cloud your every day life. These can wreck havoc with your self-esteem and limit the freedom to discover and manifest your true self. They may be long-term family of origin relationships, current adult love partnerships, or both.

You may be living through a transition, a passage from one stage of your life to the next, and feel that some support would be helpful.

The possible conerns that we may encounter seem endless. If you are interested in joining a women’s group that addresses these or other topics, I would love to hear from you. I am available to design something around your responses, stucturing the times, frequency of meetings, and topics accordingly.

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Adult Children Caring for Their Parents
Whether you’re a Baby Boomer, or a little on either side of that generation, you or someone you know is probably grappling with the needs of aging parents. It’s a role switch that presents new challenges and responsibilities, difficult decisions, and sometimes uncomfortable confrontations. In many cases, the shifting needs of a parent impacts multiple aspects of the caregiver’s life.

The intent of this group is to provide support, an opportunity to share ideas and information, and a sounding board among people who understand the emotional and physical demands of becoming a parent to your parent.

90 minute meetings will be held twice a month, scheduled at a time that accomodates the needs of the majority of interested participants.

The following groups are offered on an as needed basis. Please call to be included on the list for the next sessions:

Flying Lessons for Butterflies Workshops
Small group sessions, based on the book Flying Lessons for Butterflies: How to free yourself from the effects of abuse, will be conducted in various locations around the United States. If you are interested in attending one of these workshops in your area, please contact Sheila Whitman at

Women’s Support Group
Open topic discussions range from relationships, divorce, personal growth, transitions, and other areas of concern to the participants. Groups are scheduled for four to six sessions, whenever there is sufficient demand. Once a group is formed, it is closed to additional members, for the purpose of confidentiality and trust.

Separation and Divorce Group
For anyone who is anticipating divorce or currently dealing with the process.

Some possible thoughts and feelings that may accompany divorce include:

  • Loss of self-esteem, life style, partner, and dreams
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Grief
  • Feelings of Betrayal
  • Confusion about choices and the future
  • A sense that life has taken an unexpected wrong turn

Even in the best circumstances, divorce or the possibility of it, is a major event in life. You don’t have to handle all of the emotions single-handedly. This group will offer confidential support as you make decisions, clarify emotions and goals, and rebuild your self-esteem.

If you would be interested in a group that addresses these issues, please call or email Sheila.

Phone: 860-945-1111 or Email: